COVID-19 Enhancements for our Guests*

SH Dining is committed to the safety and well-being of students, employees and guests. We have implemented additional safety processes and protocols to help ensure the safety of our dining guests. In addition, we are updating menu programs and operational processes to promote guest confidence to continuously deliver the standards you have come to expect from SH Dining.

> Focusing on Students’ Safety
o General’s Market and Old Main Market
6 feet social distancing indicated with floor decals
Self-scan your Bearkat ID or Mobile QR Code upon entering the dining hall
Self-service stations items are now individually packaged for safety
Limited seating indoors as per university, state guidelines 
Outdoor seating is available
Building occupancy limits as per university, city, state guidelines 
No reusable cups/containers or refills are permitted, disposable to go containers will be available

> Paw Print 
6 feet social distancing indicated with floor decals
No reusable cups/containers or refills permitted
All dining locations are able to scan your Bearkat ID or use contactless payment by downloading your unique Mobile QR Code 
Building occupancy limits as per university, city, state guidelines 
Limited seating indoors as per university, state guidelines
Outdoor is seating available

> Dining Area Adjustments
Face masks are required to be worn in all buildings including dining locations until seated
Limited seating in all common seating areas
Building occupancy limits as per university, city, state guidelines  
Marked and spaced standing/waiting areas

Social Distancing
Signage and graphics encouraging required spacing
Established “traffic lanes” to facilitate safe movement
Use stanchions and floor markings for line spacing
Limited table seating as per university, state guidelines

Communication and Student Engagement
Social media is the ideal tool during this time of social distancing to discuss changes, new offerings, and virtual events and much more. Follow us for all dining news @SHSUDining on Instagram 
Bookmark SH Dining for menus and dining hours of operations
We will have themed meals, national food holidays and limited time offers at General’s Market and Old Main Market 
Evaluating Student Satisfaction
We recognize the importance of receiving constant feedback from guests. We encourage guests to provide the positives and improvements by leaving comments on We will respond in real time to address all feedback.
Individualized Catering
To further support the needs of our campus community, we have created a new platform to safely deliver catering. Individual Catering provides the same level of customer service, quality, and flavors in a box to ensure guest safety. This program will provide a collection of full meals across breakfast, lunch and snacks; satisfying all palettes and tastes. Customers will still have their catering orders delivered per their request. To access the ‘Catering Box’ menu, visit SHSU Catering. 

Sanitation Practices
CLEANING: Each location maintains a variety of tools and processes designed to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness are always maintained. Each station and space have a guide for specific cleaning requirements. 
HIGH TOUCH CLEANING AND SANITIZING: Extra and frequent cleaning of all surfaces and items that are at higher risk of contamination (door handles, light switches, etc.).
o GUESTS: Increased availability of hand wash stations, hand sanitizer, ‘no-touch’ service options and signage and communication to promote hand hygiene.
o EMPLOYEES: Substantial and ongoing hand hygiene training, an increased schedule of increased mandatory hand washing and appropriate use of PPE (gloves).
> CHEMICALS: Specified chemicals are designed specifically for food service environments. Diversey Quat-Sanitizer has the highest possible rating for efficacy. Every location also maintains an inventory of Oxivir TB Wipes, a medical grade CDC approved disinfectant to be utilized in cases of level 3 exposure
> EQUIPMENT: All equipment utilized in cleaning and sanitation, including dishwashers, chemical dispensers, etc. are checked multiple times per day for correct temperatures, concentrations and functionality.
> PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE): All locations are properly equipped with the necessary PPE to ensure guest and employee safety including gloves, masks, eye protection, thermometers, aprons/gowns, etc.
VENDORS & SUPPLIERS: All vendors and suppliers must pass stringent safety and sanitation requirements to gain and maintain approval. Additional controls will be placed on vendor deliveries to ensure the safe transfer of all products.
FOOD SAFETY: Standards for food receipt, storage, handling and preparation are very detailed and specific. Each step of the process is monitored and documented so that quality, temperature control, and contamination risks are always managed.

*Due to the fluid nature of COVID-19, this information is subject to change